Why You’re Wrong About the HIMYM Finale

Ted Mosby is happy, people. Can’t you just be happy for him?

Flickr/Cristal Bittencourt

Flickr/Cristal Bittencourt

After nine legen–wait for it–dary seasons, CBS closed the books on “How I Met Your Mother” this week, and it was sort of a confusing two-episode finale. It eventually jumped us ahead 17 years though, to the end of Ted’s love story, as he told it to his teenage children. The whole series, after all, was about how he met their mother.

But fans did not like this finale, not one bit. Across the country, you could just hear the collective click off of the remote control as the final scenes played out. Spoiler! The Mother died, and viewers didn’t like that. They wanted Ted and The Mother to live happily ever after, a nice, sweet bow tied around the finale. They thought the writers blew it. But all of those viewers (that’s right…YOU!) are wrong, and here’s why.

The entire series — literally the name of the show — is a gimmick. The series finale had to pay off in a gimmicky way. If it didn’t,

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Flickr/get directly down

Flickr/get directly down

Can’t wait another 49 weeks until the next Academy Awards? You don’t have to! (Well, technically you do.) Relive all of the past year’s best movies through the best soundtracks. Here, we’ve cultivated especially for you, a playlist ripped from the movies. They may not have all been Oscar-nominated this year, but hey — a couple of them were, and anyway, their soundtracks all rocked.

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Making Beautiful Music

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Post-Academy Award nights got you down? Not so sure you want to spend $12 at the theater to see “John Carter” or “Project X”? You’re not alone. Film lovers all over are feeling that inevitable movie hangover that happens every year in March. All of that Oscar excitement was built up and then busted, and now you have nothing to do but wait for summer blockbusters to lift your spirits.

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Be afraid…be very afraid

Summer is winding down, and that means that a fresh crop of Halloween movies will be upon us before you know it.

Fourth of July at the movies

It’s the holiday weekend: Rejoice! And while you’re at it, hit the movies. There’s free AC and expensive popcorn. Can’t even remember what’s out in theaters these days? Check out five of our suggestions. From “Transformers” to “Bad Teacher”– there’s something for everyone this holiday weekend.