Download Oscar pool sheet; win money from friends

It was a tight squeeze this year, with soooooooo many more nominees than normal (10 for best picture instead of five; five for animated film instead of three; and five for original song instead of three), but we made it work. Behold: This year’s Oscar pool sheet. Download it as a PDF here and print it out; photocopy as a double-sided document. Voila! You and your friends are able to gamble on Sunday night.

The Rules Are Simple.
For each category, number the nominees one through five; one means you think this nominee will definitely win the Oscar, and five means you think it has no shot. This way for each category, you have a numerical score. Once all of the awards are presented, total up the scores for each participant and the low score wins. Have everyone throw $5 into the pot, and the winner takes all. Yay gambling!

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