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Can’t wait another 49 weeks until the next Academy Awards? You don’t have to! (Well, technically you do.) Relive all of the past year’s best movies through the best soundtracks. Here, we’ve cultivated especially for you, a playlist ripped from the movies. They may not have all been Oscar-nominated this year, but hey — a […]

Last-minute Oscar party planning (…it’s not too late!)

The Academy Awards are upon us friends, and it’s time for some last-minute Oscar party planning. So invite your friends over for tomorrow night, and take our tips below to throw together a quick, but awesome, Oscars viewing party. Start by printing out this year’s Best Picture nominee movie posters and hanging them around your […]

The five movies you need to see in the next five weeks

After months of waiting with bated breath, today was finally the big day. No, not the State of the Union, silly– the announcement of this year’s Oscar nominees of course! 56 movies were nominated in total, but you certainly don’t have time to watch that many before the Feb. 27 Academy Awards. Still want to […]

Top Golden Globe praise for “Inglourious Basterds,” “Hangover,” “(500) Days”

Hello lovelies! We haven’t forgotten about you– our apologies for being such absent bloggers recently. December has been busy, but soon we’ll be back to our normal posting selves. In the meantime and in case you missed it, the Golden Globe nominations came out today. Time to catch up on any movies you may have […]