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Why You’re Wrong About the HIMYM Finale

Ted Mosby is happy, people. Can’t you just be happy for him? After nine legen–wait for it–dary seasons, CBS closed the books on “How I Met Your Mother” this week, and it was sort of a confusing two-episode finale. It eventually jumped us ahead 17 years though, to the end of Ted’s love story, as […]

Movies– Weather you like it or not

Just when you thought you needed a Netflix subscription and an interest in meteorology to really catch up on your favorite climate movies, the Weather Channel has gone ahead and taken out the middle man. Beginning on October 30, the network will be test driving a new idea: Weather movies on Friday nights. They’re kicking […]

“Monty Python” documentary to air on IFC

According to NPR Movies, the Independent Film Channel will begin airing a six-night documentary of Monty Python on Sunday, timed to commemorate the comedy troupe’s 40th anniversary. Commentator David Bianculli is glad to see the brand is staying true to form, even after all these years: Watching it, it’s good to know that after all […]

Johansson and Yorn make U.S. television debut

Hollywood starlet Scarlett Johansson has teamed up with Jersey boy Pete Yorn, and in case you haven’t heard, the two have a duet album on sale, called “Relator.” Today, the pair made their U.S. television debut with Ellen DeGeneres. And since those of us at The Take Three happen to have a thing for dream […]