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Can’t wait another 49 weeks until the next Academy Awards? You don’t have to! (Well, technically you do.) Relive all of the past year’s best movies through the best soundtracks. Here, we’ve cultivated especially for you, a playlist ripped from the movies. They may not have all been Oscar-nominated this year, but hey — a […]

Making Beautiful Music

Post-Academy Award nights got you down? Not so sure you want to spend $12 at the theater to see “John Carter” or “Project X”? You’re not alone. Film lovers all over are feeling that inevitable movie hangover that happens every year in March. All of that Oscar excitement was built up and then busted, and […]

Mandatory movie music

There are two important Oscar categories when it comes to music: Original score, and original song. Scores are written by composers specifically for a film, with the intention of adding drama to the movie– so it’s actually the song category that’s the fun one. This is where we (sometimes) get to see our favorite artists […]