Movie theaters here to stay


It’s no secret that box office sales have taken a hit with the popularization of Netflix and other streaming services. And now that big, flat screen televisions are getting cheaper, will people stop going to the movies all together? A recent article quoting George Lucas had this to say:

‘Movie theaters will never, ever go away,’ despite improved and cheaper home theater systems and the quicker availability of new film releases on DVD and online, producer George Lucas says.

The ‘Star Wars’ producer’s optimism about the future of community cinemas was shared by other producers and industry executives interviewed by CNN this week at CinemaCon, the theater owner’s annual convention.

Do you agree– do you plan to go to the movies for years to come, or are you making the digital switchover? Read the full story to get all the facts and then decide for yourself.

Last-minute Oscar party planning (…it’s not too late!)

The Academy Awards are upon us friends, and it’s time for some last-minute Oscar party planning. So invite your friends over for tomorrow night, and take our tips below to throw together a quick, but awesome, Oscars viewing party.

If you don't understand this Lego reenactment, then you missed the best movie of 2010. (Flickr/Profound Whatever)

Start by printing out this year’s Best Picture nominee movie posters and hanging them around your living room as decorations:

127 Hours
Black Swan

The Fighter
The Kids Are All Right
The King’s Speech
The Social Network
Toy Story 3
True Grit
Winter’s Bone

Next, move on to something easy for your friends to play– the “Have You Seen Me?” Oscars game. Continue reading →

The five movies you need to see in the next five weeks

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After months of waiting with bated breath, today was finally the big day. No, not the State of the Union, silly– the announcement of this year’s Oscar nominees of course! 56 movies were nominated in total, but you certainly don’t have time to watch that many before the Feb. 27 Academy Awards. Still want to make a big splash at your Oscars party? Just follow our advice and watch this year’s five most-highly nominated films, and you’re all set. See below for these Oscar darlings, and visit the Academy Awards official site for a complete list of nominees.

(1) The King’s Speech (12 nominations)

  • Best Picture
  • Original Screenplay
  • Directing
  • Colin Firth – Actor in a Leading Role
  • Geoffrey Rush – Actor in a Supporting Role
  • Helena Bonham Carter – Actress in a Supporting Role
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Can you name that Christmas movie?

Click on me and you can see me better. Thanks.

A couple of weeks ago, my friends and I had our annual Christmas party/dinner/Yankee Swap. And this year, our lovely hostess and host threw in a twist: a game. We were given a list of nine quotes from Christmas movies and asked to name that movie. Out of the 15 of us at the party, your truly finally had the opportunity to win one of these things (because obviously I excuse myself from my Oscars games), and if I do say so myself, I stepped up to the plate. That’s right– I won. And it was a nice prize, too (travel coffee mug and a few hot cocoas). But I could only name seven of the movie quotes, and I missed two (blasphemy!). Take a look at my very authentic entry card pictured here (click on the photo to make it bigger), and see if you can guess the ones I got wrong. If you can outscore me, I’ll share some hot cocoa with you.

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The cream of the box office

Just because a movie is crushing it at the box office, doesn’t always mean it’s worth seeing. Of the current top 10, there’s only five we think are worth seeing. Read up on our recommendations below, and then head out to a movie theater. It’s time to start turning those box office dollars around.