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Gyllenhaal proves acting chops in “Brothers”

Jake Gyllenhaal has been in serious movies– let’s get that out right from the beginning. “Donnie Darko” and “Jarhead” showed the actor in disturbing and man-on-the-edge-type roles, and let’s not forget he was Oscar-nominated for “Brokeback Mountain.” But for some reason in Hollywood, if you’re just a little too pretty or have a private life […]

Could “Avatar” become our next “Star Wars”?

When James Cameron set out to make “Avatar,” we wonder if he really¬†thought he might ever be able to break his own record. Since 1997, “Titanic” has reigned supreme as the highest grossing movie in the U.S. (fast forward to 1:00 to see how we may have to eat our words from five months ago). […]

Possible Oscar nods far from “Up in the Air”

Every year around Christmas, Oscar-type movies begin to be released in theaters. Sure, there’s always the occasional “Moulin Rouge!” (released June 1, 2001) or “Crash” (released May 6, 2005)– the flicks released in spring or summer that everyone forgets about until they’re nominated for a long list of Oscars come January. And this year, with […]